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Car Travel Tips

Taking road trips is one of life’s most enjoyable experiences! Whether you are a solo driver or packing into your car with friends & family they are both a bonding experience and an exciting adventure. Don’t stress out when taking that road trip; let us help you. We have compiled a list of 10 tips to make any trip that much better!
  1. A Clean Car is a Happy Car! Your car is what you will call home for the next few hours or even days. Keeping it clean and organized will not make you feel like you need to get out of your car as fast because its more enjoyable. No one wants to be surrounded by napkins, crumbs, and dirt! If you're traveling a route that is particularly prone to flying bugs, pack some window cleaner and paper towels to be able to clean your windows for a safe and clear ride!
  2. Leave Your Schedule Loose. Sure, you will have a definitive starting point and ending point for your trip, but part of the fun is not knowing what you will see or do along the way from point A to point B! If something looks interesting, stop and check it out, chances are you may never get back to that same spot again, so enjoy it!
  3. Back Roads Rock. Back roads is where all the local culture, shops, and views are. If you are taking a particularly long journey, then highways will be mandatory so that you’re not in the car for days on end. But try to allot 10-20% of your time to using back roads and exploring the hidden treasures.
  4. Have a backup plan. "Fail to plan. Plan to fail!" is a phrase that applies to travel too! To cut down on stress, make sure you have a few options for different routes in the event you come upon heavy traffic or an accident.
  5. Unexpected Trouble. Never leave home without a simple AAA-certified car safety kit in your trunk as well as a nice supply of water and snacks. You really never know what can happen so plan ahead just in case.
  6. Escape boredom. Driving can get monotonous and some of those backseat games you played as kids just aren’t that exciting anymore. But that’s where technology comes in! For a long journey you can find comfort in having satellite radio so you can find your favorite stations or talk radio wherever you go! If you're driving solo, pickup a few books on tape to listen to.
  7. Take turns. If you have the benefit of driving with other friends and family, then take the opportunity to setup a driving schedule so that you aren’t the only one manning the helm. If for nothing more than staying safe, drivers should get little breaks here and there.
  8. Join Travel Clubs. Organizations like AAA are great and rather inexpensive for both resources and emergencies, like towing. They also have amazing benefits like hotel discounts for your trip. Additionally, they provide resources for sharing your itinerary with emergency contacts so people can track your progress.
  9. Find Free Wifi. These days you are sure to find free wifi along your road trip, be it at a rest stop or just a Starbucks. Take a load off, grab some coffee and check your emails.
  10. Getting There is Half The Fun! Dont rush! With proper planning you will be able to enjoy the calmness and quiet of any road trip, listening to some tunes, and having a great time!

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